Our Mold Company in Springfield Missouri Offers Fogging For Viruses

Our Mold Company in Springfield Missouri Offers Fogging For Viruses

Our Mold Company in Springfield Missouri Offers Fogging For Viruses

The Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds these days between media coverage, impact to businesses and knowing people who have personally been affected. In addition to washing your hands often, wearing masks and social distancing, one of the main ways to combat Covid-19 and many other viruses, is through cleanliness and disinfecting.

On top of trying to be careful with your personal space and cleanliness, disinfecting things throughout your home and business can help prevent spreading all types of viruses or germs in general. Many people use Lysol wipes or hand sanitizer products to wipe down door knobs, keyboards, telephones, light switches, thermostats, and pretty much anything people put their hands on. When someone has a cold, the flu, or any other type of virus, they can spread their germs and make other people sick because of that.

Dog Gone Mold has a solution. As you might imagine, the products we use for mold removal are also effective at killing viruses. The EPA has recently registered the product our mold company in Springfield Missouri uses for mold treatments as an official Coronavirus killer. After much testing, they can now officially make this claim.

Instead of walking around your home or business trying to sanitize every little thing that someone touches, we can fog your entire building with a product that kills Coronavirus along with other viruses, germs, and bacteria.

If you want to get ahead of any potential issues because you have people with extra vulnerability or if you’ve had someone in your home or business who might have been exposed to Covid-19, instead of spending hours trying to sanitize and clean your entire home or business, Dog Gone Mold can fog the entire building and rid your home or business of any germs and viruses that might be hanging around.

Not only does this product kill the Coronavirus, but it’s as safe as it gets. This is a hospital grade, EPA registered product that kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and more, but is safe for your family, your employees and your customers to be around. It doesn’t get much better than that. Plus, the personal protective equipment that our employees already wear for mold remediation means there are no concerns from having our crew on-site.

Keep your family, your employees and your customers healthy by having your home or business fogged today.

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