Air Quality Sampling – Mold Sampling Springfield MO

Air Quality Sampling

Air Quality Sampling - Mold Sampling Springfield Missouri
Do you or your family experience sinus issues? Headaches? Runny nose? You may be exposed to mold and not even know it. Mold is the number one cause of allergic symptoms and it’s not always easy to find. Mold spores can travel through your air ducts, or be growing behind your walls, due to water intrusion that you can not see. Having our certified mold inspector who is trained to take air samples, run tests in your home or business can be crucial in determining your exposure to mold.

Using a high quality mold sampling pump with air-o-cell cassettes, we collect air samples to determine if the mold spore count in your home or business is elevated. Air sampling can be helpful during an inspection, especially when there is suspected mold growth, but there is no visible evidence of mold.

If you suspect that there may be hidden mold growth, air sampling will not only let us know if the spore count is elevated in your home, but also what types of mold spores are present. When toxic mold spores are present, extra precaution needs to be taken.

Stachybotrys, or “black mold” is a common toxic mold that we don’t want to see on your lab report. All samples are mailed off and analyzed by a 3rd party, AIHA certified lab. Dog Gone Mold analyzes your lab report for you, and we will explain what the next steps need to be. All mold species found on the report are explained in detail so you know what you are dealing with.

Dog Gone Mold's certified mold inspectors will take air samples while also performing a visual inspection, to help determine the gravity of your mold situation and give you all the necessary steps that need to be taken to remediate the problem. Air sampling can be a helpful tool when there is a suspected problem but we can not see it.

We also perform air sampling tests whenever insurance companies, rental property owners, and/or government funded projects are involved, or when a health professional needs to know what you have been exposed to.

The amount of samples necessary to determine the extent of your problems can be different in every situation, so give Dog Gone Mold a call to discuss your issues and we can determine a plan together on coming up with the best course of action.

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