Mold Inspections – Mold Inspection Springfield MO

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspections - Mold Inspection Springfield Missouri
Our first step in determining if there is a problem in your home is our full home mold inspection. All inspections are performed by a certified mold inspector and an expert in the field. Our inspectors use all of the most current methods and practices to determine if you have a legitimate mold issue that needs to be addressed.

Our inspectors will thoroughly examine your home from the lowest level, (crawl space or basement), to the highest level, (attic), both inside and out, taking air samples and photos of any problem areas along the way. We are there to not only find the mold problem, but to find the root of the problem so once it’s remediated, the mold won’t come back. That means finding the moisture sources that are likely why you have mold growth in your home to begin with.

Once the mold inspection is complete, our certified mold inspector puts together a detailed report for our client. This report contains all of the photos taken, noted visible fungi growth, potential moisture sources, lab report (when samples were taken), and a bid for remediation if professional treatment is needed. Included with our bid is a detailed scope of work, as well as all EPA guidelines that our certified company follows, explaining the crucial steps and safety measures that will be taken during the remediation process.

Our certified mold inspectors are trained to collect mold samples as well and will take those samples at the time of the inspection. Swab samples of suspected mold growth can be taken to determine what type of mold you have been exposed to, as well as the air quality samples we take. Taking air samples during our inspection is another tool in the tool belt to help solve any mold issue you may have. All samples are mailed off and analyzed by a 3rd party, AIHA certified lab.

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