Realtors – Mold Inspector Springfield MO


Realtors - Mold Inspector Springfield Missouri
Nothing can sabotage a real estate transaction faster than uncovering a mold issue. That's why Dog Gone Mold assesses any potential mold situations quickly and do everything in our power to get the work done fast and right, to avoid holding up your closing.

Prevent having a transaction held up by fly by night contractors who claim that they can take care of mold. Mold can be a health hazard and is nothing to be toyed around with. The liability for you and your clients is not worth going with the cheapest bid. Only put your trust in licensed, insured, certified, and qualified mold remediation contractors like Dog Gone Mold. We do the job right and do it right the first time so there are no additional delays for you.

With our limited lifetime warranty and certificate of mitigation showing the work has passed a final inspection, we give all parties involved the peace of mind knowing that the work has been done correctly. Whether you represent the buyer or the seller, everyone walks away happy knowing that there is no longer a mold issue to be concerned with and no more dog gone mold.

For buyers agents, we highly recommend having your clients get a mold inspection before they close on the purchase of their home. Mold is a specialty all its own and you don’t want to rely on someone who is not a mold inspection specialist to stumble across mold for you, or have them only point out something that is obvious.

We check every inch of the home, from bottom to top, looking specifically for mold growth, or problem areas that can cause future mold growth. Having a certified mold inspector do a mold inspection is a minor investment to the safety of your clients' future home and the health of their families. Don’t let your clients find a potentially expensive mold problem after it’s too late. Recommend a mold inspection just like you recommend a home inspection.

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