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Our Services - Mold Remediator Springfield Missouri
Mold is common in our environment and almost all indoor environments have low levels of mold. It’s when mold becomes visible inside your home, or your mold spore count has reached elevated levels that there’s a problem. Mold spores are microscopic and for us to see mold with the naked eye, thousands of spores must be colonizing in one area.

Some problems are small enough for homeowner cleanup and in those cases, we will explain to you how to clean it up yourself, not try to sell you on professional treatment. Dog Gone Mold prides itself on honesty and integrity and will always give you an honest assessment of your situation, even if that means you won’t need our services.

When the problem is too large for the homeowner to take care of themselves, that’s when your best choice is to let Dog Gone Mold and our qualified crew make those problems go away. We don’t believe on selling you products you don’t need, or installing items that aren’t necessary. We believe in fixing your problem for you, without breaking your bank account. You can always trust the professional assessments given by Dog Gone Mold to treat every house as if it were our own. That’s what makes us different.

Professional mold treatment by an experienced mold remediator is a careful, step-by-step process, using specialized equipment and cleaning products. There are many detailed steps in doing a proper mold remediation, so having a certified, qualified team is important to keep you and your family safe from future problems.

Our certified mold remediation services can be divided into three main customer types:

Residential Customers

Commercial Customers


Although much more detail goes into proper mold remediation, here’s a quick breakdown of our process to give you an idea of what’s involved when you hire Dog Gold Mold to take of your mold removal issues:

Containment – We start by containing the contaminated area to help prevent cross-contamination.

Air Scrubbing – Next we clean the air with a commercial size HEPA air scrubber. Our air scrubber uses a 3 stage HEPA filtering system, which is designed to capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores which pass through the filters. This process helps improve air quality throughout the home and prevents mold spores from spreading to other areas.

HEPA Vacuum – We vacuum the mold spores from contaminated materials before any kind of demo is done, as to not stir up, or aerosolize mold spores. Our HEPA vacuums capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mold spores.

Demo – We carefully remove all negatively impacted building materials without spreading mold spores into other areas.

Cleaning & Treating – We thoroughly clean the contaminated areas with our all-natural, non-toxic mold killer, then encapsulate necessary materials with our all-natural, non-toxic encapsulate.

Fogging – We fog controlled areas with our all-natural, non-toxic mold killer.

Final Clean-Up – We HEPA vacuum the containment area again and wipe down surfaces.

Final Inspection – Our certified inspector will re-inspect the work site and approve the successful remediation.

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