Mold Removal – Black Mold Removal Springfield MO

Mold Removal

Mold Removal - Black Mold Removal Springfield Missouri
Choosing the right company for mold treatment is critical. Black mold removal is not a do it yourself type of project. Dog Gone Mold’s certified mold remediation contractors take yearly continuing education courses to keep up with the ever-advancing science of mold. You want a company that will give you fair pricing, have high performance standards, and will not use harsh biocides or unproven “miracle chemicals”. When an untrained or uncertified person attempts to remove mold within their home, they may cause thousands to millions of spores to be released, which can cause a much bigger problem. This can lead to an increased expense in the mold removal process in the long run and a far unhealthier environment to live in.

Dog Gone Mold strictly follows the EPA recommended mold treatment procedures. We seal off the area we are working in so that mold spores don’t spread all over your home. We run “air scrubbers” that will trap airborne mold spores while we are working. We utilize high efficiency particulate air filtration cleaning systems to remove as much mold as possible. We remove, bag, and properly dispose of all infected materials, (carpet, sheet rock, etc.).

We treat, wipe down and scrub every surface that has mold on it or around it. We then re-treat every surface with our EPA registered, hospital grade cleaners. Then, we encapsulate sub-flooring, floor joists, floor boards, and studs, with our all-natural encapsulate, sealing up the wood making it harder for future mold growth. And when necessary, we install vapor barriers in the crawl space and clean HVAC’s and ducts.

Once we are done, you can breathe easily knowing that there is no more dog gone mold.

We are so confident in our thorough and detailed mold remediation, that we give all of our clients a limited lifetime warranty on our work, that is transferable if the home is sold. Also, after every remediation, we give a certificate of mitigation showing that the work has been completed and it has passed a final inspection by our certified mold inspector.

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