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Suppliers and Services

Suppliers and Services - Mold Specialist Springfield Missouri
Working as a mold specialist in the mold removal business, we’ve learned how hard it can be for a homeowner to find reliable contractors. To assist our clients, we have compiled a list of people and companies that we have found our clients in need of quite often. Some of them we have used directly and others have been added based on recommendations from others and glowing reviews.

Most of these give free estimates and we strive to use mostly locally owned companies.


Sheetrock Install, Insulation Replacement, Remodeling, Vents, Caulking, Windows, Most Home Repairs:

Fox's Finishes - 417-766-9039 -

Salvation Renovation - 417-693-7591 -

Hurst Construction & Renovations - 417-379-0800

Tony's Handyman Service - 562-673-4498


Roof Inspections, Roof Repair, Chimney Repair, Skylight Repair, Gutter Maintenance:

GlennStone Roofing and Gutters - 417-860-8125 -

Cox Roofing - 417-887-3874 -

Plumbers, Heating and Cooling Experts

Water Leaks, Plumbing Inspections, Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs:

DeLong Plumbing - 417-883-3535 -

Messina Plumbing - 417-987-8740 -

Hometown Heating & Cooling - 417-634-2496

United Plumbing - 417-891-9777 -

House Cleaners

All Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services:

Maids of Honor - 417-881-4555 -

Chimney Service

Chimney Inspections, Chimney Repair, Chimney Cleaning:

Dr. Flue Chimney Service - 417-869-5458

Window Repair and Replacement

Window & Glass Repair, Window Replacement & Installation, Leaky Window/Frame & Sill Rot Repair:

The Window Dudes - 417-862-9003 -

The Glass Guru - 417-708-123 -

Carpet Cleaners

Residential Carpet Cleaning, Area Rugs, Upholstery, Drapery, Blinds & More:

Oxi Fresh - 877-694-3737 -

417 Cleaning Connection - 417-551-9205 -

Buddy's Carpet Care - 417-883-1732 -


Buying or Selling? Now or in the future, call Doneen Kaunley or Dana Johnston for the best service:

The Sister Team from Next Home - 417-499-0303 -


For Countless Loan Programs and all your Mortgage Needs:

Tonya & Megan @ Flat Branch - 417-234-5346 -

Home Inspectors

Before you buy a new home, you need these guys to make sure everything is functioning properly:

Mirowski Inspections - 417-873-9517 -

Termite & Pest Management

For all your pest control needs:

Expert Pest Control Solutions - 417-413-4776 -

Radon Mitigation

For all of your Radon Mitigation needs:

The Radon Company – 417-597-9662 –

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