Why Realtors Choose Us For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

Why Realtors Choose Us For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

Why Realtors Choose Us For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

Real estate agents have to juggle a million things to make sure their closings go smoothly. There are tons of documents, invoices for repairs that are needed, a checklist of items and documents are needed when you show up to the title company, etc. The last thing you want is for a pesky repair to delay your closing.

When a buyer or seller finds out that they have a mold problem that needs to be mitigated, it can be a real hassle to get taken care of so your closing can still go through. But not when you hire Dog Gone Mold for mold remediation in Springfield Missouri. We have a number of options to help out our clients that are in the middle of a real estate transaction.

The main thing we do to make sure your real estate closing isn’t delayed is that we always perform the mold mitigation we are hired to do the proper way. You won’t have to worry that another inspector will come in for a post mold mitigation inspection and find things that are still wrong.

When you do things right the first time, nothing gets delayed and the closing goes on as scheduled. There’s nothing worse than thinking everything is done, only to find out that you have to hire someone else to come do the job properly and you can’t close on time.

Another thing we do to make real estate closings go smoothly is we get our clients and real estate agents their final paperwork as soon as possible. We send our paperwork out as soon as our final inspection has been completed.

When you show up to the title company on closing day, you’ll have a certificate of mitigation in hand, as well as a paid invoice for the work completed. This proves the work was done and done by a professional mold remediation firm, like Dog Gone Mold. Our invoice states the work that was done and the certificate shows that the mitigation was done properly and has passed a final inspection. This prevents any delays in your closing process.

We also provide a warranty on our work. On the certificate of mitigation, it shows that their is a one year warranty on the work completed by Dog Gone Mold. This covers the home the mold mitigation was completed on and transfers to the new owners. Our warranty is another way we take all the worry off of your plate.

Once a seller or real estate agent hires Dog Gone Mold for a mold mitigation, the situation is now off of their plate. We take care of the rest and there is nothing left to worry about. If the future owner ever has a comment, question, or concern, they can just reach out to us and we will take care of whatever it is. The real estate agent or seller doesn’t have to play the middle man.

Another thing we can do for our clients if necessary, is get all the proper paperwork in the hands of all people necessary, if we can’t beat the closing date. Depending on what kind of loan you are getting, this means that your closing can still move forward as scheduled, even if the mold mitigation has not taken place yet.

Once you are on Dog Gone Mold’s schedule, we can get your title company the invoice (which doesn’t have to be paid until the work is completed) and the certificate of mitigation (which is dated for a future date when we are scheduled to complete the work) so your closing goes through just as smoothly as it normally would. That being said, we still do everything in our power to beat a closing date if at all possible.

There are many benefits to using Dog Gone Mold for your mold mitigation and getting through your closing smoothly is just one of them. If you want to reduce the stress for your next real estate closing where there is a mold problem that needs to be addressed, you can trust Dog Gone Mold to take care of the problem in a timely manner and get the job done right.

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