What Does Mold Remediation Cost in Springfield Missouri

What Does Mold Remediation Cost in Springfield Missouri?

What Does Mold Remediation Cost in Springfield Missouri?

A question you might ask yourself, your realtor, or your mold inspector is, “What does mold remediation cost in Springfield Missouri?” There isn’t one standard price for mold removal, because every situation is different. But as a general rule of thumb, for most mold mitigation projects, you’re probably looking at spending anywhere between $2000 and $10,000 depending on what all is involved. Sometimes less for minor problems. And sometimes more for major ones.

Why the wide range in pricing and why can mold mitigation be so expensive? Mold remediation isn’t something that you want to cut corners on. If you want the job done right the first time and you don’t want the problem coming back, mold mitigation is an extensive process when it’s done properly. Depending on all the work that needs to be done, those costs can add up and be expensive.

To properly mitigate mold following EPA guidelines, a reputable mold removal company is supposed to have a several different types of insurance policies. Your mold remediator should also be properly licensed, certified, and trained. These things all cost money. Especially the insurance. But, if you hire a mold mitigation company that isn’t properly insured to cut down on costs, you are putting your home and your family at risk.

For mold mitigation, we are required to have General Liability Insurance, Pollution Liability insurance, and Workman’s Comp insurance. Most people haven’t even heard of Pollution Liability insurance. General Liability insurance does not cover any work that a company performs related to mold, so we need to have to have Pollution Liability insurance.

If you hire a mold removal company that doesn’t have Pollution Liability insurance and something goes wrong during their mitigation, then the homeowner is the one at risk. The same goes for Workman’s Comp. If a company doesn’t have Workman’s Comp and they are working on your home, you could be sued if someone gets hurt or sick on the job.

The products that are used to safely and effectively kill mold, encapsulate your home and prevent mold from coming back are also pretty costly. You want to hire a mold company that uses quality mold remediation products, so your problem gets taken care of and stays away for good. You don’t want to skimp on mold remediation cost when performing a mold mitigation. That will actually end up costing you more money in the long run.

The age old adage is definitely true when you’re hiring for mold remediation: “You get what you pay for”. If you want mold work done right, then you are going to pay a little extra. But when it comes to protecting the investment in your home and the health of your family, it’s worth it.

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