Why Do I Have Mold in the Attic - Mold Inspection in Springfield Missouri

Why Do I Have Mold in the Attic – Mold Inspection in Springfield Missouri

During a mold inspection, we find that attic mold is generally caused by one of 3 things: roof issues and leaks, improper ventilation, or incorrect venting from pipes and/or vents.

Roof Issue and Leaks

When a roof leaks from old or damaged shingles, improper or cracked flashing, a cracked chimney, and so on, moisture will accumulate in your attic. Problems with your roof can cause the insulation to get wet, the framing and sheathing to rot, and of course mold. If the underlying cause of mold in your attic is caused by a roof leak, sometimes, it’s easier for an inspector to locate.

Improper Ventilation

Improper ventilation can be a subtle cause of mold in your attic. You always want to make sure you don’t have insulation covering up your vents because that can cause high humidity in your attic. Cooler fresh air is drawn up through the soffit vents at the base of your roof and hot and humid air is expelled through the roof vents at the top. If you have insulation covering up your soffit vents, airflow can be blocked and you will be left with warm, humid air in your attic. This humidity will then start to cause mold growth.

Incorrect Venting from Pipes and/or Vents

The third way that mold is caused in the attic, is from incorrect venting from your kitchen hood vent, your bathroom exhaust fans, etc. You should always have all exhaust fans from your dryer, kitchen, bathroom, and so on, piped to the outside of your home, not to the attic. When fans and vents are piped into the attic, warm, moist, humid air is being expelled into the attic. Adding that moisture to your attic is not ideal and in most cases can quickly cause mold growth on the sheathing of your attic, especially when an exhaust fan is piped right to the underside of the sheathing. This moist air is being blown directly onto the sheathing which will inevitably cause mold growth.

Steps to Solve Your Attic Issues

First, call your local mold professional to assess the situation with a mold inspection in Springfield Missouri. Rest easy knowing what mold issues you may be having by giving Dog Gone Mold a call at (417) 379-5120. Second, call your roofer to check the roof for any possible leaks. Third, call your favorite handyman to make sure all of your soffit vents are clear of insulation and to properly duct all of your exhaust fans and hood vents to the outside. For preventative reasons, have your attic inspected yearly to hopefully catch any issues before they become major problems.

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