Why Can't You Treat Just the One Area? - Mold Remediation Springfield MO

Why Can’t You Treat Just the One Area? – Mold Remediation Springfield MO

We often get asked, “Can you treat just this one area that the home inspector pointed out?” The quick and easy answer to that is yes, if that’s the only mold we find. The realistic answer is probably not. If we find other mold that needs to be treated, we can’t ignore it while performing mold remediation in Springfield Missouri.

The Inspection

When going through a real estate transaction, the potential buyers of a new home will have a home inspection. During that home inspection, a home inspector may find mold in the crawl space, laundry room, or other various places on the property. In the home inspector’s report, there will be a disclaimer of some kind stating that you should contact a qualified mold contractor to determine the severity of the issue and to determine what needs to be done to properly mitigate the issue.

At this step in the process, Dog Gone Mold gets called in.

Note that you should really have a full mold inspection by a certified mold inspector on any home you are looking to purchase.

When we are called to assess a situation, our certified mold inspector and certified mold remediation contractor will inspect the property and come up with a proper remediation plan to solve your problem.

So, when asked to treat only one spot, we are being asked to ignore the rest of the mold that wasn’t pointed out. If we found other mold that also needs to be treated, the correct and the moral answer is NO.

In the rare occasion that the only mold in the entire area is secluded to one or two minor areas, then yes, a spot treatment is possible. But, there are two main reasons we can’t just treat one area if there is other mold that needs to be treated.

Why the Answer is No

First, all home inspectors are not necessarily certified mold inspectors and most likely, none of them are certified mold remediation contractors. That is why they are telling you to contact a qualified mold contractor to assess the severity of the situation. If they point out that your crawl space has mold in one area, mold may be found in other areas of the crawl space. That is why our professionals come out and assess the situation.

Second, if we treated the one area and leave the rest of the mold that we see, we wouldn’t be good at our jobs. We would be leaving a mold problem for the next homeowner and that is not morally right in our opinion.

Turning a blind eye to a mold problem that exists is not how we do business. Our main goal is to always assess a situation by doing our own inspection, then giving an honest remediation plan to solve that issue no matter who the owner of the home is or is going to be.

Why You Need the Professionals

We want to help all buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and homeowners. We are on everyone’s side, but most importantly, we are on the side of the home. No matter who is going to be living in it, we want the home to be mold free, moisture free, and a healthy space to live in.

Home inspectors are fantastic and have to know pretty much everything about a home. Their job is to point things out that are problems, or potential problems to a future buyer or homeowner. Their job is not to fix these problems or make remediation plans on all of the necessary repairs. Their job is to provide a potential buyer with the knowledge of what’s going on in a particular home. If there’s a roof problem, they want you to contact a qualified roofer to assess and fix the problem. If there’s a plumbing problem, they want you to contact a qualified plumber to assess and fix the problem. If there’s a mold issue, they want you to contact a qualified mold contractor to assess and remediate the problem.

A proper mold remediation plan has to come from a qualified mold remediation contractor – not a home inspector, handyman, realtor, or homeowner. To have your mold situation assessed accurately and honestly, contact Dog Gone Mold.

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