What To Do While Waiting For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

What To Do While Waiting For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

What To Do While Waiting For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

Some people know they have a mold issue that needs to be addressed, but unfortunately they can’t get it fixed right away. Maybe they’re an employee at a business or they live in a rental home where their landlord is dragging his feet on hiring a mold contractor. Whatever the reason, if there’s an active mold infestation that can’t or won’t be fixed right away, then what are your options?

The first thing you should do is get a HEPA air purifier for the area you are spending the most time in. This will help filter out the air you are breathing as much as possible. They sell these types of air purifiers at home improvement and department stores and this would be the first step in trying to keep the air around you as clean as possible.

Next, you should try to clean up any surface mold that you can see in the areas that you spend the most time in. Whether it’s on the walls of your office or the bedroom in your rental home. If you spend a lot of time there, you are breathing the air in that room a lot. If there is surface mold that is visible and can be cleaned up, then you should start there.

You’ll want to use a HEPA filtered vacuum to suck up any visible mold spores, as well as wiping down furniture and surfaces with a rag and some distilled white vinegar.

Cleaning the visible mold isn’t a long term solution. Until you have a mold remediation professional come out and determine the source of the moisture that is causing the mold growth, it will come back.

But at least removing the visible mold will buy you some time and hopefully lessen the impact until the mold issues can be permanently rectified.

You should also open your windows whenever possible. This can’t be done if it’s too hot, too cold or storming outside, but when it is possible, this can help get some fresh air in.

And since mold is caused by moisture, you can try to find the source and see if that be fixed either by patching a leak or if it’s something like high humidity, installing a dehumidifier.

None of these DIY options are long term solutions. To eliminate your mold problems once and for all, you’ll need to have a mold professional come out and assess the problem and determine the best solution. But at least these steps can help to buy you a little time without affecting your health quite as much.

If the property owner is worried about the cost, Dog Gone Mold does offer financing options to make the process more affordable. And in the long run, not only is your health at risk from mold exposure, but the property owner is facing potential legal exposure if it can be documented that they are not addressing a serious mold issue.

If you can convince the property owner to address the mold issue, tell them you want Dog Gone Mold to do the job right.

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