Don't Overlook Your HVAC During Mold Cleanup in Springfield Missouri

Don’t Overlook Your HVAC During Mold Cleanup in Springfield Missouri

Don’t Overlook Your HVAC During Mold Cleanup in Springfield Missouri

If you’ve had significant water damage in your home that caused mold growth, then you probably had a mold inspector come out to assess your situation and come up with a plan to professionally remediate your home.

Hopefully you hired certified mold cleanup contractors who probably worked on your home for a week or so using HEPA filtered air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, products that eliminate mold safely, removed any necessary water damaged materials, cleaned and treated all the necessary areas, and then put everything back into place.

So, then why is your family still getting sick? Was any mold left behind? Did your mold contractors and inspectors miss something during their work and final inspection?

One thing that can be commonly overlooked if you don’t hire the right mold remediation contractors is cleaning your HVAC system. This includes the ductwork, the furnace, the filters and the blower. All the components of your HVAC need to be cleaned if you’ve had extensive mold damage in your home.

Without cleaning your HVAC and ductwork after a mold remediation, your treatment is incomplete and mold spores can still spread throughout your home continuing to make your family sick.

Why is thoroughly cleaning your HVAC so important? Throughout your home, you have air return ducts and supply ducts. These returns pull air through them and return the air to the HVAC unit itself. That air is filtered and either heated or cooled depending on the season and sent through the supply ducts to all the rooms in your home.

If there is any mold in your ductwork or HVAC system caused by the recent water damage you’ve had, then those mold spores are still being spread throughout your home.

Your HVAC filters play a large part in this as well. Some homes have filters that don’t actually filter out things like microscopic mold spores, so the air isn’t being filtered the way you need. Some homes haven’t had their filters changed in years. You should change your air filters every 3 months to ensure proper air flow.

When having mold cleanup in your home, make sure you have your ductwork and HVAC system checked as well. Not all mold remediations require your ductwork to be cleaned, but if you’ve had extensive mold treatment done, then it’s wise to have the ducts cleaned as well so you don’t have a hidden mold problem continuing to make your family sick.

Your best plan of action is to hire a mold remediation company you can trust to thoroughly assess your situation and steer you in the right direction to take care of all your mold problems the first time.

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