Upgrade Door For Proper Crawl Space Sealing in Springfield Missouri

Upgrade Door For Proper Crawl Space Sealing in Springfield Missouri

Upgrade Door To Prevent Crawl Space Mold in Springfield Missouri

Your crawl space door is more than just the entrance to get inside your crawl space. It’s just as important what all it helps to keep out.

Your crawl space door needs to keep out any rodents and critters. And for proper crawl space sealing, your crawl space door also needs to keep out water to prevent having issues with crawl space mold.

There’s an old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same principle applies to keeping water out of your crawl space.

You need to start by making sure the exterior of your home and foundation are protected from excess water as much as possible. That means having clean gutters. Having downspouts that are buried and extended away from your home.

You also want to make sure that your home has proper grading around your foundation and that any foundation vents, windows and your crawl space door have all been sealed and installed correctly.

Any below grade vents or doors should also be protected by foundation vent wells or a window well.

A crawl space door that isn’t sealed properly can allow water intrusion. A lack of crawl space sealing will eventually lead to crawl space mold.

A crawl space that is dark and wet is a breeding ground for crawl space mold. Many crawl spaces get very little air flow and have higher humidity than normal from water naturally evaporating up from underground.

Since this isn’t an area that gets a lot of attention, what starts out as a little mold problem, becomes a major crawl space mold issue over time.

Crawl space sealing isn’t the only issue. Many crawl space doors are make shift. They don’t open and close properly and a lot of them aren’t a tight fit, which lets in all the insects, rodents, and water that you want to keep out.

Mold, foul odors, animal feces, swarms of insect eggs and baby rodents that are holed up in your crawl space can all lead to a very unhealthy environment that your family ends up breathing.

A third to half of the air inside your home comes up from your crawl space. You don’t want to smell the remnants of a dead rodent or constantly be breathing in mold spores that are coming up from underneath you.

That’s why having a crawl space mold inspection performed by Dog Gone Mold is so important. If your crawl space door doesn’t fit or seal properly, we can make you one from scratch so you’ll never have a crawl space door issue again.

Along with our team at Dog Gone Waterproofing, we will make sure you have any window wells that you need professionally installed or adjusted to protect your new crawl space door, protect your crawl space, and protect your family’s health.

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