Protect Your Family's Health With Mold Mitigation in Springfield Missouri

Protect Your Family’s Health With Mold Mitigation in Springfield Missouri

Protect Your Family’s Health With Mold Mitigation in Springfield Missouri

With the Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, there’s an increased focus on keeping everything clean. That includes not only our personal hygiene, but the cleanliness of our homes. The most vulnerable are those with a compromised immune system, so you don’t want anything else going on in your home that could be jeopardizing your family’s health. Especially with all of us spending more time in our homes.

For more information on cleaning tips in regards to Covid-19, check out the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website.

Now is the time for a mold inspection to make certain your home is clear from toxins as much as possible. Mold easily travels through dust spores throughout the home, so keeping your home as clean as you can is always important, but especially now.

Mold mitigation is an “essential business”, so Dog Gone Mold can and will continue to help make the homes of the Ozarks safer to live in. All while following necessary CDC and WHO guidelines to keep our clients and employees safe and healthy.

Mold is a toxin, so anytime it’s growing inside your home or crawl space, it needs to be professionally mitigated and removed. A mold problem isn’t something to hold off on fixing and come back to at a later date. Mold problems compound over time and can get much worse. Especially with all the spring rains. Now is the time to act if you suspect you have a mold problem that needs to be addressed.

We know that fear can spread faster then any virus could, and fear is not how we want to live. But being aware of what’s going on in our homes and taking reasonable measures to stop it from spreading, especially to our loved ones, is expected of all of us.

So, be smart and keep your homes clean, especially with all that is going on right now. If you suspect you have mold growth or a potential moisture/water problem in, or under your home, then get it checked out by Dog Gone Mold. We give free assessments in many situations and mold is not something you want to put off until a later date.

If you have a mold problem, it’s time to deal with it. Give yourself one less worry and give your home less toxins to deal with. There’s enough out there that we have no control over, so let’s take control over the things we can fix with mold mitigation in Springfield Missouri.

Ultimately, our hope is that the Coronavirus is contained and dealt with in the best way possible and as fast as possible. We want to stay healthy and we want our neighbors and community to stay healthy as well. Dog Gone Mold will follow all CDC and WHO guidelines to keep ourselves, our neighbors, and our clients healthy. So, give us a call and we will help you get your home mold free.

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