Avoid Red Flags When Hiring For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

Avoid Red Flags When Hiring For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

Watch For Red Flags When Hiring For Mold Remediation in Springfield Missouri

We all want to get the best deal on everything we buy. That’s how we’re naturally wired. We wouldn’t want to pay $100 for a pair of shoes at one store, when the same exact pair of shoes only costs $80 at the store next door. But when it comes to mold remediation in Springfield Missouri, comparing bids from mold removal companies isn’t always an apples to apples comparison.

We recommend getting more than one estimate for any mold removal work that you need done at your home, but make sure you do your best to examine those estimates carefully. If one company is estimating thousands of dollars cheaper (or more expensive) then you should dig a little deeper to make sure you understand why their prices are so different.

Always remember: “You get what you pay for.” That’s generally the case when hiring a contractor of any kind, but especially in the world of mold remediation. If one company is giving you a bid thousands of dollars less than another company bidding on the same work, there’s likely a difference in their expertise and the quality of their work.

Comparing a company who doesn’t do mold remediation as their primary service to a certified mold removal firm isn’t a fair comparison. If you compare a pest control company’s bid for your mold remediation job to a qualified mold remediation firm like Dog Gone Mold, not only are their prices going to be different, but so will their service.

You will definitely save money in the short term if you hire a company that doesn’t do mold removal full-time to handle your mold mitigation. You will most likely spend more in the long run though, because a company that is not properly trained, licensed, and insured to perform mold mitigations will rarely do a great job at mold remediation.

Comparing apples to apples means that all companies that are giving you an estimate for mold remediation need to be:

  • Performing all of the same steps and following all EPA guidelines.
  • Using the same high quality products, supplies, and materials.
  • Properly insured to do mold removal. General Liability insurance does not cover mold.
  • Properly certified in mold remediation contracting.
  • Properly trained to perform mold mitigations.
  • Equally experienced at mold removal.

The list goes on and on. If you are fixing a roof leak on your home, you aren’t going to hire your plumber to do that work. Bottom line, don’t hire companies from other fields to perform your mold mitigation. It will cost you way more in the long run.

If a mold removal “expert” can’t explain to you their mold mitigation process in a way that you can easily understand, then they don’t know what they are doing and you don’t want them performing your mold remediation.

Call Dog Gone Mold and let the real mold professionals take care of you the right way.

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