Is Your Mold Contractor In Springfield Missouri Insured?

Is Your Mold Contractor In Springfield Missouri Insured?

Is Your Mold Contractor In Springfield Missouri Insured?

Would you ever allow a doctor to perform surgery on you that isn’t licensed? Or hire a lawyer to plead your case even though they didn’t go to law school? Most of us wouldn’t. Some of them are downright dangerous, whether it’s physically, financially or emotionally.

Then why would we allow someone to perform a mold mitigation on our home, when they aren’t licensed or insured? Or not properly certified to perform this kind of work? Have you considered what kind of danger that can put you, your family and your home in?

Mold can be a pretty major health issue for a lot of people. For others, it could just be a very annoying case of allergies. But toxic mold can be a major problem for everyone. Why trust a mold contractor in Springfield Missouri who isn’t insured or qualified to perform a mitigation on your home, where your kids live and breathe? This can be very dangerous, so always ask the right questions before hiring someone to do mold remediation work in your home, or your office.

Unfortunately, you don’t have to be licensed in the state of Missouri to perform a mold inspection or a mold mitigation. You don’t even have to be insured to work in someone’s home. You don’t have to have the proper certifications for any of these things either.

Would you want someone who has been through zero classes and has put zero effort to protect themselves or their clients by having no insurance? Unfortunately, we run into this problem quite often.

A homeowner may not take the time to check and see if someone is qualified and insured to perform a mold mitigation on their home. But months down the road, they’ll be calling us for a re-inspection of work someone else was supposed to already have performed. Many times we find that the original mold mitigation work was not done properly. Not done by the EPA best practice guidelines that are put in place to keep your family safe from the dangers of mold when not properly mitigated.

Don’t make this same mistake. Don’t let this be you paying for a mitigation more than once, because you hired the wrong people to do your work the first time.

Make sure anyone working on your home is certified, licensed, insured and properly qualified. Call Dog Gone Mold for any mold inspection or mold mitigation needs and you’ll never have to worry about this again.

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