Is Pollen or Mold Infestation In Springfield Missouri Causing Your Allergies?

Is Pollen or Mold Infestation In Springfield Missouri Causing Your Allergies?

Got the sniffles? Are you constantly sneezing? Are your eyes burning, watering or itchy? Have you been coughing or had throat irritation? You should never just assume that pollen is the reason your allergies are suddenly acting up. Much like pollen, outdoor mold spores begin to increase as temperatures begin to rise in the Spring. But what happens when those outdoor mold spores enter your home and find a moisture source? They start growing inside your home and setting off your allergies. You may need to have your house and duct work checked for mold.

Mold spores float through the air, much like pollen and get into your nose and cause similar symptoms as hay fever. Most people just assume that they have common allergies. You may have allergies, but the allergy isn’t necessarily pollen. Allergies are most commonly caused by pollen and mold both which set off a chain reaction in your immune system.

If you have hidden mold in your home and you are treating your symptoms with Benadryl, or some over the counter antihistamine, if may be all for naught. Allergies are common, but that doesn’t mean that you only need to treat your body’s symptoms. Sometimes it’s your home that needs treated. It can be as easy as calling a certified mold inspector in Springfield Missouri to check your home for mold.

A certified mold inspector can detect things that the homeowner can’t always detect on their own. With the proper detective work our mold inspector will be able to find if it’s pollen or a mold infestation in Springfield Missouri that is causing your allergic reactions even it can’t be seen.

Mold spores have to be in the thousands to millions, colonizing in one specific area to be seen with the naked eye. The signs of mold or moisture can be easily missed if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, so having a professional do the inspecting for you can be a good thing.

Call us today to find the source of the mold, get the mold professionally treated if necessary, and watch those allergy symptoms go away.

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