Beware The Handyman - Mold Mitigation Springfield MO

Beware Using The Handyman For Mold Mitigation in Springfield Missouri

Beware Using The Handyman For Mold Mitigation in Springfield Missouri

Let us start by saying that a good handyman is a wonderful thing to have and we would never downgrade their importance. Having someone to fix a closet door, install some new cabinets, lay some flooring, etc. is great. But there are some jobs that should not be left to someone who isn’t 100% qualified for the job.

Mold mitigation is one of those jobs that should be left to the professionals. Mold remediation contractors have the proper equipment and proper knowledge to complete a successful remediation that an everyday handyman just won’t have.

Mold remediation requires a number of very important steps that a handyman or homeowner either won’t know to follow or won’t have the proper equipment to follow. Time after time we have gone to a job site to re-do a remediation where one was already completed or to one that was supposed to have been completed. If every step isn’t followed during a remediation, then it won’t be complete and a future problem is almost guaranteed to return. And you can bet that re-doing a remediation will be far more costly than if you would have hired the right company to begin with.

One of the most important steps in a proper mold remediation is running an air scrubber while the work is being completed. Also known as a “negative air machine.” The air scrubber’s primary function is to catch those pesky mold spores that go “poof” the minute they get disturbed.

Mold spores are microscopic, lighter than air, and when someone disturbs an area with mold, those tiny mold spores aerosolize and go everywhere. If an air scrubber isn’t being used during this process, then a mold problem could spread throughout other areas of the home/business without your knowledge. You may think that the job looks like it was done properly, but a short time later you will find that it was not.

That’s not to say that every time you see a small area of mold you have to have a certified mold company do the remediation. Anything under 10 square feet is perfectly fine for homeowner/handyman cleanup. Beyond that though, you will be best served to call out a professional. Don’t make a costly or unhealthy mistake. Get your mold problems analyzed and cleaned up by certified professionals like Dog Gone Mold, who have the proper knowledge to prevent future mold problems.

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