Work With Your Landlord If You Need Black Mold Removal in Springfield Missouri

Work With Your Landlord If You Need Black Mold Removal in Springfield Missouri

Work With Your Landlord If You Need Black Mold Removal in Springfield Missouri

Having a black mold problem inside your home can be very detrimental. Many of us are allergic to mold, the same way others are allergic to pollen, peanut butter, or cats.

But if you are dealing with toxic black mold, then allergies are not your only problem. Toxic mold can lead to much bigger health issues. You should get all mold issues inside your home evaluated and mitigated if necessary, but you should get toxic black mold mitigated immediately.

But that’s easier said then done if you are renting your home and don’t own your residence yourself. It’s not always easy to convince a landlord to do the right thing and make expensive repairs on their homes. Not all landlords. But as in all walks of life, some are easier to deal with than others.

Here are a few steps you can take to get black mold removal in a home you are renting as soon as possible.

For starters, you’ll need to document the problem. So you should take pictures of any black mold you can see. It’s good to have some evidence of the problem to show your landlord.

But if your landlord doesn’t take action to remediate the problem correctly and you eventually have to take legal action, you’ll want to document the date it was first discovered.

Next you’ll need to contact your landlord in a professional manner. Email or a letter is best for documentation purposes to make them aware of the potential black mold issue and let them know you’d like to have a certified mold inspector come take a look.

Some landlords may let you pick the mold removal company you want to come take a look, so that you are comfortable with the findings.

It’s important to have a certified mold inspector come take a look and not just the landlord’s handyman.

A handyman might be able to see that you have a mold issue, but they aren’t formally trained on properly dealing with black mold issues.

They might be able to clean up the mold that they can see, but they’ll likely not fix the root cause of your mold issues and possibly even spread mold throughout other areas of your home during the cleanup.

It’s best to have a professional mold remediation company tackle any black mold removal. This isn’t a job for amateurs.

But this is often where things can go south. If your landlord is receptive to handling the black mold issue properly and professionally, then schedule a mold inspection with a company you can trust and share their findings with your landlord for the proper course of action that needs taken to fix the problem once and for all.

Hopefully they agree to take care of the black mold issue promptly and by a certified mold company. If so, then your problems should be solved.

If your landlord is resistant and doesn’t want to do the right thing, then you’ll probably have to get someone others involved. This depends on whether you are renting a house, an apartment, condo, etc.

Depending on what type of residence you are renting, then you may need to contact a housing or building inspector, the local health department, or in some cases a lawyer.

Make sure you’ve exhausted all other options before making those phone calls though, because once you head down that path, there’s usually no turning back.

But whether you own your home or are renting, just know that you have legal rights and that neither you or your family have to live in an unhealthy environment.

If you ever have problems with black mold in a home you are renting, contact Dog Gone Mold to help you take care of the problem and make sure it doesn’t come back.

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