Value Your Family's Health With Mold Specialist in Springfield Missouri

Value Your Family’s Health With Mold Specialist in Springfield Missouri

Value Your Family’s Health With Mold Specialist in Springfield Missouri

If your family has been having an extended bout of unexplained allergies, it’s time to figure out the root cause. If you find out that the allergies happen most often when you’re at home, then it could be a mold issue.

The first step is to hire a certified mold inspection company you can trust to inspect your home and test your indoor air quality.

If it turns out that you’ve got mold in multiple areas throughout your home including personal items and furniture and the lab results showed elevated mold levels in certain areas of your home, then your emotions will likely elevate from concern to panic. Now what?

It’s time to hire a certified mold remediation company to get rid of the mold inside your home and just as important, come up with a plan to keep it from coming back.

You don’t want to trust your family’s health to a company that dabbles in mold work. You want to hire a mold specialist in Springfield Missouri.

Unfortunately there are businesses who call themselves mold removal companies out there that claim they know how to mitigate mold properly. But they can’t explain why the mold growth started or how to stop it from coming back all over again.

There are also mold remediation companies that only do work in your crawl space, but won’t work on the interior of your home. Why is that?

It’s likely that they know you’re probably not going to climb down in the crawl space and check their work. It’s easier to hide a lack of true mold remediation knowledge underneath your home and hope that no one sees what they’ve actually done. That’s a lot harder to do inside someone’s home.

A true certified and licensed mold remediation company should be able to perform mold remediation anywhere in your home. Garage, attic, crawl space, basement, bedroom or living room shouldn’t matter.

Proper training, knowledge and experience are what separates the real mold remediation companies from the pretenders. And you definitely don’t want a pretender performing mold mitigation inside your home.

If the mold remediation company that you hire doesn’t know what they are doing, they actually can spread mold spores throughout your house during treatment.

A good rule of thumb is that if a mold inspector or mold remediation contractor can’t explain to you in laymen’s terms:

  • Where the mold is.
  • How the mold got there to begin with.
  • How to treat the mold following all EPA guidelines.
  • And how to keep the mold from growing back.

Then they aren’t a true mold specialist and you don’t want them attempting to take care of your mold problem.

Don’t gamble with your family’s health trying to cut corners. Call Dog Gone Mold for all of your mold inspection and remediation needs.

Our training, knowledge and experience with over 1750 mold mitigated homes in the Ozarks area means there’s no mold problem we can’t fix.

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