Tips For Preventing Winter Mold Infestation in Springfield Missouri

Tips For Preventing Winter Mold Infestation in Springfield Missouri

Tips For Preventing Winter Mold Infestation in Springfield Missouri

Winters in the Ozarks can bring lots of fluctuating and unpredictable weather. It could 60 degrees at the beginning of the week with snow and ice by the end of the week.

Big swings in temperature usually lead to moisture and precipitation. That can lead to mold growth. How do you prevent a winter mold infestation during a season that can bring lots of snow, ice, and fluctuating humidity and temperatures?

Here are the top ways to help prevent a mold infestation in Springfield Missouri during the winter months.

Keep Areas Prone To Mold Growth Clean And Dry

Window sills are especially important to keep an eye on during the winter. Cold air outside and warm air inside can cause a lot of condensation on your windows. That condensation can drip down your windows and cause a mold infestation on your window sill.

Small amounts of condensation can be easily cleaned up, but letting this build up over time can cause you problems. Especially if your windows condensate heavily and are constantly dripping on the wood window sill.

If there are active mold spores on your window sill and plenty of moisture consistently being provided from condensation, then you could have a wall full of mold in no time. Prevent that by keeping your windows wiped down and make sure they are properly sealed as much as possible.

Keep Moisture at Bay in Your Bathroom

Bath mats, the corners of showers, and areas around your toilet are all places that have consistent moisture. Don’t let wet towels sit on the floor or in the laundry basket for too long. Make sure bath mats aren’t soaking up water and staying wet. And make sure you are running an exhaust fan while taking hot, steamy showers on a cold winter day.

Steamy showers can especially be a problem if you have wallpaper in your bathroom, because once the moisture gets trapped behind the wallpaper, it’s a prime breeding ground for mold.

Bathrooms are notorious for having mold problems, because they have consistent sources of moisture. Wipe wet areas down as often as possible to prevent small mold growth from becoming a bigger mold infestation.

Make Sure Items Are Dry Before Packing Them Away For The Winter

When storing away summer items such as camping equipment, outdoor equipment/furniture, or summer clothes, make sure everything is dry when you put it away.

Did it rain during your last camping trip or before you took those cushions off your patio furniture?

Many people store these items in an attic, basement, or storage shed in a dark, musty corner. If these items are even slightly wet when you store them away, it can cause mold growth very quickly.

Keep An Eye Out For Leaks

With freeze/thaw cycles, parts of your house that never leaked before might start to have water intrusion issues. If you notice any stains on your walls and think you might have water getting into your house from the roof, a window sill or a crack in the basement, then you need to make sure that you fix and clean up any leaks that pop up as quickly as possible.

Not drying up and addressing even the slightest water problem can leave you in big trouble if you’re just hoping that it goes away on its own.

When it comes to keeping mold out of your home over the winter months, the best offense is a good defense. Keep out the moisture and you’ll keep out the mold.

If you ever have problems with water leaks or mold issues any time of the year, the mold remediation experts at Dog Gone Mold can help you prevent small issues from becoming major headaches.

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