Prevent Crawl Space Mold With Sump Pump Installation in Springfield Missouri

Sump Pumps Can Prevent Crawl Space Mold in Springfield Missouri

Sump Pumps Can Prevent Crawl Space Mold in Springfield Missouri

If your home has a crawl space, you might wonder if you should install a sump pump. Not every crawl space has water issues that require the use of a sump pump.

We do recommend that every crawl space have a vapor barrier to stop moisture coming up from the ground, but not all crawl spaces have enough actual water getting in to require a sump pump or a footer tile drainage system.

If you are getting water inside your crawl space, there are other ways to protect your crawl space from the outside. These options are generally pretty easy and can help you determine if a sump pump is truly necessary.

Some of these options include:

  • Extending your downspouts or having them direct buried to a pop up drain further out in your yard.
  • Adjusting or installing a window well around your crawl space door.
  • Fixing the grading around your foundation to flow water away instead of towards the foundation.
  • Removing mulch beds that are up against the foundation.
  • Making sure sprinkler heads are not leaking or spraying water on the home.

All of these options help keep water away from the foundation, which helps keep it out of your crawl space.

If you’ve exhausted all these other options and are still getting water in your crawl space, then you should explore a sump pump or footer drain system to extract the water that’s getting into your crawl space and drain it outside of the foundation.

A vapor barrier can protect you from moisture, but it’s not made to protect you from actual water intrusion. That’s when a properly placed and properly installed sump pump can save your home from crawl space mold and moisture related problems.

A pump thrown in a bucket and laid on your crawl space floor is not going to do the trick. And you should never have your pump connected to an extension cord.

Proper digging, trenching, and proper drain lines are all important steps in getting the water out of your crawl space and dispersed out into your yard or near the curb, so it doesn’t flow back into your crawl space.

Installing a sump pump isn’t hard, but installing a sump pump effectively requires people who have the knowledge of why you are installing one and the expertise to make sure your sump pump gets all of the water out of your crawl space and keeps it out.

If you’re worried about crawl space mold and want to hire a crew with the knowledge and experience to get your sump pump drainage system correctly installed the first time, call the waterproofing experts at Dog Gone Mold.

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