Reduce Humidity And Moisture To Prevent Mold In Your House in Springfield Missouri

Reduce Humidity And Moisture To Prevent Mold In Your House in Springfield Missouri

Reduce Humidity And Moisture To Prevent Mold In Your House

Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate all of the mold and mold spores in an indoor environment. So the best way to prevent mold in your house in Springfield Missouri is to control the amount of humidity and moisture.

If mold is a problem in your home, then you must have the mold cleaned up and eliminate the sources of moisture. Fixing the source of the water problem or leak will prevent mold growth. So what can we do to prevent moisture inside our home?

Vent any appliances that produce moisture, such as clothes dryers, stoves and kerosene heaters, to the outdoors whenever possible. Combustion appliances, such as stoves and kerosene heaters, produce water vapor and will increase the humidity in your home unless vented to the outside.

Run the bathroom exhaust fan or open the window when showering. Use exhaust fans or open windows whenever cooking or running the dishwasher also. The more moisture we can keep out of the indoor air, the better off you will be.

Install passive vents in walls between rooms or closets with little air movement and other rooms to increase air circulation. The closet where you hang your winter coats is a good example of a closet that rarely gets open at certain times of the year. During these times, the closet has no air flow and the humidity can rise.

By installing a passive vent in the bottom or top of the door, this allows air to enter and escape so you don’t have a moisture problem in there.

A dehumidifier should be permanently placed in all unfinished basements to help control moisture, condensation, and stimulate air movement. This is a general rule of thumb for any unfinished area. Set the dehumidifier on 55% and hook up a garden hose to it. Run the hose to the drain and let it kick on and off on its own, whenever the humidity rises above 55%.

Areas of leakage and water damage in the home should be cleaned and dried within 24-48 hours. If you do have a leak or get moisture in the home, just make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. Mold growth can occur within 24-48 hours if there is moisture. If you aren’t sure if you dried it up correctly, call in a professional to assess the situation.

These are a few simple tips to help reduce moisture inside your home. Keep the humidity in your home between 35-55% indoors and you will not have to worry about mold growth inside your home.

If you are ever concerned about a moisture problem in your home, call Dog Gone Mold for an assessment of your situation.

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