Realtors Shouldn't Risk Reputation With A Part-Time Mold Remediator In Springfield Missouri

Realtors Shouldn’t Risk Reputation With A Part-Time Mold Remediator In Springfield Missouri

Realtors Shouldn’t Risk Reputation With A Part-Time Mold Remediator In Springfield Missouri

The biggest investment most of us will ever make is buying a home. When making this huge purchase, we need someone on our side. Someone we can trust to look out for our best interests.

On the buying side, we want a real estate agent to help us get the best deal on our future home, help us find a good home inspector to point out any major issues with the home, and to help us make sure those issues get fixed before we move in.

On the selling side, we want an agent to help us price the home so we can get maximum value, and market our home so it sells as quickly as possible, (for the right price). And if any problems do arise during the home inspection, help us find the right contractors to get this fixed up as reasonably priced as possible.

As much as you want to save your client money when getting repairs done, you also want to make sure it’s done correctly and done by a reputable mold remediator. Your reputation as a Realtor is at risk, when helping your clients through these tricky situations. Especially in this age of social media where posts go viral and online reviews can make or break your business.

When your client is dealing with a mold situation in their home, do you really want to advise your clients to take the “cheaper” option, even if that option is not actually solving the problem? Would you do that for a home you were purchasing for yourself?

There are many options out there and your clients are counting on you to help them make the right decision. Sometimes, the right decision isn’t always the cheapest one.

This is always a tough situation, especially when your clients are selling their home. Who wants to pay top dollar to get something fixed that they will no longer be there to enjoy? This may be true, but there’s a big difference between having the third best mold company instead of the best, compared to having a company that does not do mold remediation full-time, but as a side gig, once or twice a week.

Mold is not something someone with minimal training can properly mitigate. You have to have the correct products, tools, equipment, and most importantly, knowledge. That comes from years of training and learning.

You wouldn’t want a mold company replacing your clients’ roof would you? You’d want a roofing company to deal with roof issues, because that’s what they do every day.

You don’t want a company who does mold mitigation on the side, or as something that is not their company’s primary focus, performing your mold mitigation. This is very risky for you, for your clients and for everyone involved if it turns out that the job wasn’t done properly the first time.

When dealing with a mold situation, you want a company that are experts in treating mold. That works on mold mitigations every day, of every week. Not someone who does mold mitigations occasionally.

It’s easier to focus on getting to the closing, but the best Realtors understand that all it takes one bad recommendation to damage your reputation and that will be far more expensive in the long run than your commission.

You’ve heard the term, “You get what you pay for”. Don’t let your clients and your reputation pay more in the long run for doing things the wrong way trying to save money with a part-time mold remediator in Springfield Missouri.

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