Protect Your Home To Prevent Crawl Space Mold in Springfield Missouri

Protect Your Home To Prevent Crawl Space Mold in Springfield Missouri

Your crawl space is most likely a place that you rarely if ever ever go into. Out of sight, out of mind is a pretty accurate description of the relationship most homeowners have with their crawl spaces. So, what can you do to make sure your crawl space is staying in good condition, without having to crawl down there very often? Here are the top five steps to prevent crawl space mold in Springfield Missouri by protecting your home from the outside.

Check Your Gutters And Downspouts

Leaves, sticks, and debris can clog up your gutters and your downspouts, causing the water flow to not go where it is intended. When your gutters get clogged up and water can’t flow naturally, heavy rains will start overflowing your gutters in places that weren’t intended. This can cause the rain water to pool up next to your foundation, ultimately going down into the ground and into your crawl space. Clean out your gutters regularly and make sure you have extensions on all of your downspouts. Downspout extensions will ensure that all the water coming from your gutters will flow out well away from your foundation.

Don’t Overwater Your Flowerbeds

We love our beautiful landscaping around our homes, but make sure not to over-water those flowerbeds. A sprinkler running too long, or a garden hose accidentally left on can add a lot of unnecessary water up against the foundation.

Check The Grading Around Your Home

A negative slope towards your home can be disastrous and can lead to water getting into your crawl space. When water pools up next to your foundation, it only has one place to go and that is down. That ultimately makes its way through the foundation wall and into the crawl space, or through any crack or crevice it can find.

Extend Your AC Condensation And Sump Pump Lines

If you have a sump pump in your crawl space, that is usually because you are getting standing water down there. There is no point in having a sump pump remove water from your crawl space, only to have it getting right back in, by not having the proper lines dug, or extended. Same goes for your AC condensate line. During the summer, that constant drip from your condensate line will puddle up next to your foundation. Extend those lines further out into the yard so the water flows away from the foundation. A little digging and a pop up drain and those lines will keep the water away from your home.

Leave Your Foundation Vents Open

The foundation vents should only be closed in the dead of winter. When the vents are closed, the air has nowhere to escape and the humidity levels can get dangerously high. This can cause wood rot, insects, odors, and our least favorite, mold! If it’s not below freezing outside, make sure your vents are open so the crawl space can breathe.

Remember what they taught us back in school. Water takes the path of least resistance. So don’t make it an easy path into your crawl space. Follow these five simple steps and your crawl space will remain dry and mold free. Call Dog Gone Mold today for a crawl space mold inspection and recommendations you can trust for the best ways to eliminate any problems that we uncover.

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