Realtors, Don't Let Your Closing Be Delayed - Mold Specialist Springfield MO

Realtors, Don’t Let Your Closing Be Delayed – Mold Specialist Springfield MO

If you’ve ever been involved in a real estate transaction, then you know that the process can sometimes (and almost always) be a hassle. If you are a real estate agent involved in these transactions, then you usually have the hardest job out of everyone involved. After helping your buyers find that perfect home for the perfect price, or helping your sellers get the perfect buyers to make an offer, you have to help your clients figure a bunch of other things out. You have to help them find contractors to fix the long list of repairs that come back on the home inspection. You have to make sure those items are repaired properly and are in working order. You need invoices and documentation showing work was done by qualified professionals in each specific field. Plus, all of this needs to be done in a very short timeline.

The best advice we could ever give to someone involved in real estate is to make sure you are hiring the right people to do the job that needs to be done. If you need roof repairs, then hire a qualified roofer. If you need a chimney flue installed, hire the chimney and fireplace experts. If you need foundation work done, hire a certified, qualified foundation expert. Lastly, if you need mold remediation done, look no further than Dog Gone Mold.

We take pride in not holding up anyone’s closing timeline. There are times when we are booked out a little further than what you have your closing date set at. We can work around that by either finding a way to move your remediation up on our schedule or working with the title company so the closing can still go through on time and smoothly, even though we will perform the mitigation after closing. There’s always a way to make sure the right professionals are handling your specific home-related needs.

The worst thing you can do in a real estate transaction is hire an unqualified person or company to take care of an issue that they aren’t properly trained for. The result of that is something we see on a daily basis. Maybe unqualified contractors were hired to perform a mold mitigation. When they handle that mitigation incorrectly, it gets re-inspected. It fails re-inspection and delays the closing. Now you have to call a qualified mold specialist in Springfield Missouri to come back out and perform the mitigation correctly. Often this results in pushing back the closing date in order to complete the mitigation correctly and also costs your clients more money than necessary.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong mold contractor just to save a little money and time. More times than not, this situation ends up costing more time and money for your clients, resulting in a big headache.

Call Dog Gone Mold for all of your mold related needs. We have the proper training and qualifications to get you to your closing as pain-free as possible.

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