Don't Cover Up Mold - Remove It - Black Mold Removal Springfield MO

Don’t Cover Up Mold – Remove It – Black Mold Removal Springfield MO

Often when we get calls for mold remediation, we hear things like “I sprayed the mold” or “I painted over the mold with Kilz, but it keeps coming back–help!” This is a common issue in our industry and because you don’t just want to spray mold or cover it up, you want to remove it completely.

Even if spraying the mold looked like it worked, it’s still there. Your home should be a safe and healthy environment, so mold needs to be completely removed from the home to prevent potential toxins from spreading throughout the air you breathe. You can’t kill every single spore if you just spray the mold. So, whether the mold is toxic or just allergenic, you can still have negative effects from the mold still being inside your home.

It’s like if you were allergic to cat hair. You are going to show signs of allergies if a cat is living in your home. If the cat is removed from the home, your allergies should improve. But your allergies would still be affected until all of the cat dander and cat hair have been completely removed from the home. Same goes for mold, that’s why you must completely remove the toxigen or allergen, not just spray it or cover it up.

Small amounts of mold can be treated by the homeowner, but when larger amounts of mold are found, you need to call in the professionals. We know the proper black mold removal protocol and will get your situation under control by completely eradicating the mold.

When our mold removal company is called in to remediate a situation, one of the initial steps after containing the area is to Hepa vacuum all surfaces surrounding visible mold. Vacuuming with Hepa filters help trap the very smallest of particles, such as mold spores. After this important step, the remediation can continue with the necessary mold treatment.

If you skip the “mold removal” part of the process, you are just covering up a problem, but not solving the problem at its root. When it comes to you and your family’s health, don’t just put a band-aid on the situation. For all your mold related needs, call Dog Gone Mold.

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