Ozone Treatment – Air Purifier Springfield MO

Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatment - Air Purifier Springfield MO

Is there a smell in your home that you just can’t figure out how to get rid of? It can be a pain for homeowners and landlords alike trying to figure out what to do to locate and eliminate distinct smells inside your home. Spotlessly cleaning always helps, but sometimes, it can only go so far. Odors happen in the home for various reasons. Whether it’s coming from the kitchen where all those food odors and moisture is located, from the pets laying around on the carpet and furniture with their many wonderful smells, or from the teenagers in the home who haven’t quite figured out that they need more showers throughout the day than most. Smells throughout the home happen daily and can become long-lasting. The hardest one of all to get rid of is if smoking occurs inside the home.

From the carpets, walls, and up to the ceiling, odors are hanging around everywhere. Using other chemicals or over the counter fragrances don’t always do the trick. Most of the time, that just covers up the odor on a temporary basis. Stop using those short-lived solutions and let Dog Gone Mold help you with a more permanent treatment, the Ozone Treatment.

With the Ozone treatment, we will set up a time with you, the homeowner, that the house will be free of people and pets for the afternoon. Then, we will set up our Ozone Generator inside the home and let it work its magic. This air purifier has a powerful method of odor elimination that will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

In the outdoors, UV light and O3 eliminates most odors. But inside your home, it receives very little O3 or UV light, so those odors can’t be broken down. The generator creates O3, (or ozone), and that ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors and other pollutants at their source, eliminating them.

If you have mold inside your home or under the home in the crawl space that needs to be mitigated Dog Gone Mold can help you. No mold, but you just have an odor that won’t go away? Let us use our air purifier in Springfield Missouri on your property for a fresh smelling solution.

Call Dog Gone Mold today for your free mold mitigation estimate, as well as for pricing for the Ozone Treatment.